If you would like explore the island in your own Gran Canaria taxi, then you have come to the right place. This wonderful island has so much diversity, and offers things to see to cater to everyone’s tastes. If you are visiting the island, take advantage of this mini continent and explore some of its wonders. You can discover dramatic rocky landscapes, lush green gardens, charming port towns, and some of the best beaches in Europe with year-round sun.

What better way to explore the island then with your own private Gran Canaria taxi? This offers you the flexibility to see more of the island than you would travelling on public transport, or with a large group guided tour. It also lets you depart at a time that suits you.

Recommended Gran Canaria Taxi Routes

Below you will find itineraries of many wonderful Gran Canaria taxi tours. These tours offer an easy and stress-free way to take a day trip from Las Palmas and see more of the island. There are options available for each person’s interest including visiting the spectacular landscapes, sunny beaches, shopping trips and more. Click on the links below to discover the itinerary for each tour:

  • City Centre: Discover the wonders of the capital city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas
  • Gran Canaria Shopping: Explore only the best shopping centres of Gran Canaria, without the hassle of having to look for directions, or carrying shopping bags
  • Gran Canaria Aquarium: This world-class theme park opened at the end of 2017, in the capital of the island. Our air-conditioned vehicles will pick you up from your hotel. Then,  spend your morning or evening learning about the different sea species you will find here.
  • Natural Route: As well as a tour of Las Palmas, explore the islands nature including a collapsed volcano and Spain’s largest botanical garden
  • Northern Route: The best of the north, including historic sites, a charming fishing village, and the Arehucas Rum Factory
  • North Central Route: Shopping lover’s dream – visit traditional towns for the best traditional crafts and typical produce
  • Central Route: Discover the award-winning heart of the island, Tejeda and its breath-taking rocky landscape
  • Southern Beaches Route: Beach escape, discover some of the islands best beaches in the south
  • South Villages Route: Discover the historic southern villages and a chance to have lunch in a historic cave.

The private Gran Canaria taxi tours are a great way to spend your time on the island. They also give you the flexibility you need to see the island your way.