Welcome to the Gran Canaria airport, which is considered the busiest airport of the Canaries and the third in Spain (December 2017 data). Thanks to this big airport, located only 18 kilometers from the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, over 13 million passengers from all over the world come to the island. Flights from countries such as the U.K., Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland or Ireland arrive and depart all around the year. There are regular flights to and from the Spanish peninsula: Valladolid, Vigo, Seville, Madrid, or Barcelona among many other cities.

view of the Gran Canaria airport building

A view of the main terminal building of the Gran Canaria airport

The Gran Canaria airport is considered one of the safest airports of all the islands, thanks to its perfect location at sea level, and its stable weather conditions. The great weather enables the airport to operate every day, and all year round. Airports on neighbouring islands are sometimes closed due to bad weather, such as the Tenerife north airport.

This airport is modern, and has been recently renovated and expanded. It is spacious, and everything is easy to find.

What to Do at the Gran Canaria airport: Shops and restaurants

We know how boring it can be to wait hours at airports, and that’s why we have good news for everyone. This modern airport has been renovated thoroughly. Now there are more shops, and restaurants.

Gran Canaria Airport Arrival Area

If you’re arriving at the airport, just outside the arrivals lounge there is a small, but modern Spar supermarket.  Remember to pick up snacks, or anything you need for a quick nibble. We recommend that you buy a bottle of drinking water, because tap water isn’t very good here. Actually, no one drinks it, especially if you are staying away from the centre of the island.

Spar supermarket in the arrivals area of the Gran Canaria airport

The Spar supermarket is located in the hall next to the arrivals area. Impossible to miss it.


Gran Canaria Airport Departures Area

Duty-free stores are located in the departures area, after you pass security. Here, you can buy liquor, perfumes and tobacco at almost unbeatable prices. You will also find:

  • Fashion stores, such as GAP,
  • Jewelery shops (such as “Swarovski”),
  • Sports (“Base”),
  • Kids’ shops, like Tutti Frutty

At the Gran Canaria airport, you will feel, almost like if you were inside one of the great shopping malls of the island. There is so much to see and do, that you won’t notice how time goes by.


Gran Canaria airport's main shop is located right after security in the departures area

View of the main shop that one must go through, after passing security in the departures area.

A wide range of restaurants, and bars are located inside the departures area. Here are just a few examples:

  • The Tropical brewery, where you can taste the most classic Canarian beer,
  • O’Learys grill restaurant, a nice place to enjoy grilled meats and fish,
  • Caffé Ritazza where you can have a the meal with a delicious coffee
  • Panaria artisan bakery, where you can enjoy a delicious pastry


At the modern Gran Canaria airport visitors feel at ease while they wait to take their flights. To learn more about this airport, check out its official page, by clicking here