We try to make all our customers happy. If you aren’t happy, and wish to file a claim, here’s what to do. There are 3 ways that claims can be filed:

  1. Online, by filling the form below. A receipt will be sent to you, acknowledging the receipt of the claim. Also, we will send you a list of options, to sort out the issues that you have experienced.
  2. Onsite: You can visit our offices on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 16-18h. It is located in: c/Tomás Miller 27, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  3. On the go: Each taxi, has claim forms. Just request them from the driver.


Which is the Best Option?

It is up to you, but for a faster response to your issue, choose options “1) Online” & “2) Onsite” if you have had a problem with the booking.

Choose option “3) On the go” if you have actually had a problem with one of the taxi drivers, and then contact us so we can pull his or her ears 😉